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Asus Incredible Workshops – On Fashion and The Zenbook

24th of May at the top of the Century City Mall in Makati, Asus gathered together friends from the media to hear about their most advanced ultrabook in the hands of Victor Basa, one of their foremost ambassadors on style and fashion.

This “Incredible Workshops / Fashion. Future. Fun”, can be seen as the essence of the stories behind the incredible devices in the hands of equivalently incredible individuals. And if this is an indication of the events to come, then there are sure to be plenty more with everything Asus is putting on the table this year forward. This first segment of the Incredible Workshops talks about Fashion with Victor Basa, a TV personality among many other hats he puts on.

Seen here working on his Zenbook, Victor does an insane amount of work on the fly, with a demand beyond that of the usual desktop applications like rendering out videos and the sort – the best reason to get the powerful version of the 13-inch variant – you can literally the current generation of the Zenbook, the UX305UA, a workstation with the specifications inside of it.

Light, slim, and fits on the photography bag, these were the requirements of Victor for his laptop of choice – the Zenbook, an integral part of his personal style. This seminar had plenty of insight as to the development of an individuals wardrobe considering long standing rules as well as experimentation and detailing towards the end. He talked about it in a very digestible manner and gave a lot of the participants plenty of tips for improvement.

Some takeaways follow like: “better overdressed than underdressed”, “step away from the black suits as they’re mostly appropriate only for weddings or funerals”, “choosing the right fit is crucial to looking good”, and so on… truly, a wealth of knowledge was shared here.

Of course, practice what you preach is in full effect as most of what he showed us, he had on in a perfect example of the gentleman with style – including the laptop right there.

Really looking forward to “Future” and “Fun” as headed by Anvey and Alvin seen here with Victor, not to be outshone XD.

The Zenbook UX305UA, the highlight of this event, is a beautiful piece of technology with a 6th Gen Core i7 6500U / 512GB SSD / 8GB RAM / 13.3″ QHD+ 3200×1800 Matte Screen / 12H Uptime / and weighs only 1.3Kg! The Zenbook can be had for only Php65,995

See below for some footage from the event itself from the LXL channel I co-manage:


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