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Zenpad S 8.0 – Performance Within an Unbelievable Frame

No matter which way a person looks at the Zenpad S 8.0, there are subtle design cues that clue the individual into thinking that he/she is looking at something extraordinary.

ZPS8_ (1)

Most especially from the back where part of the brushed metal housing ends and meets with a leather trim that occupies around a sixth of the entire profile, the reverse of that in the Zenpad 7.0.

ZPS8_ (7)

Looking at the side, it is an unbelievable 6.6mm – insanely thin for the specs within it.

ZPS8_ (5)

The front panel houses stereo speakers situated at the top and bottom of the screen, Dolby DTS certified of course, the 5MP front facing camera, ambient light sensor and concealed pinhole microphones along with the prominent Asus branding perfectly placed at the middle, right after the screen.

ZPS8_ (6)

There is but one movable component which conceals the microSD expansion of up to 128GB.

ZPS8_ (8)

Inside there are 4GBs of RAM supporting the Intel Atom Z3580 rated at 2.33GHz backed by the PowerVR G6430 for graphics… The Zenpad S 8.0 is designed to perform and that is exactly the driving force behind this product. Battery issues aside, as it does charge quickly enough (although I really hoped they put the same quick charge ability present on the Zenfone 2) thru the USB Type C connection that is native to it, there really isn’t anything anyone can say about the Zenpad S 8.0.

ZPS8_ (9)

It’s snappy, responsive and a downright joy to use whether it be for some work task or heavy gaming activity – you know the ones with plenty of graphic detail that eat up RAM and stress the proc… yup even ones of those variety. Shown above is a fully occupied Fallout Shelter which is managing 156 individual characters (max 200) all moving at the same time apart from the animated backgrounds, pets, and notifications of completed resources. For 3D, I’ve tested it out with Riptide GP2, a jetski racing game with water for the roads – and if you didn’t know this, dynamic rendering of fluids is one of the hardest tasks for the GPU, one expertly handled by the Zenpad S 8.0 and beautifully rendered in its glorious 2K screen.

ZPS8_ (4)

The boxed set comes with the ZenClutch cover which is a two-door magnetically locking two-way stand. that compliments the Zenpad S 8.0 perfectly.

ZPS8_ (2)

While this accessory has the unfortunate side effect of adding to the overall thickness, it remains a very stylish companion to the Zenpad S 8.0 and indispensable when using another external accessory like a bluetooth keyboard to further boost the tablet’s penchant for productivity.

ZPS8_ (3)

I’ve been enjoying typing out long narratives on the keyboard free 8″ screen with a Logitech Keys-To-Go and has the capacity to be my portable computing companion should I find the appropriate USB Type C media readers.

I do still wish to get my hands on a Z Stylus, this accessory would drive the Zenpad S 8.0s capacity for productivity through the roof, especially for sketching and artistic representation. Do watch out for its availability in stores – it is a true, no compromise tablet that elevates its bearers style and substance.

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