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Spider-Man Homecoming Almost Spoiler-Free Review

Spider-Man Homecoming is the sixth Spider-Man film with it’s third portrayal and is the only one connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) currently on track towards the Infinity War.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the youngest appearance of our friendly neighborhood web slinger at 15 years old and shows him with a much more childish disposition.

The film is also not an origin story but a continuation of his cameo in Civil War and foregoes the Uncle Ben narrative. It also represents Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) as a younger guardian figure which lends it’s character greatly to the youthfulness of the franchise.

The Vulture was the antagonist this time around and Micheal Keaton was perfect taking on the mantle of the super villain.

Technology plays a huge part in the story moving forward from the New York devastation that started in the first Avengers movie. Modified Alien Tech and Stark Tech clashes once more as Spider-Man’s suit, the one that is made known to the public, comes from Iron Man from the get-go. The only thing that Peter Parker developed in the MCU is the web fluid as well as the basic version of the shooters and goggles which tone down his sense of vision.

What’s different with this movie is that the viewer would merit from having watched the earlier titles in the MCU. There’s more than enough references made that would confuse fans that would watch Spider-Man on its own. The progression is paced nicely and the inclusion of secondary characters that had not existed previously within the comics take Spider-Man Homecoming that much farther from a mere adaptation. This includes, and this is the only spoiler I’ll put in here, Spider-Man’s “suit lady” who was eventually named Karen that has much more character and depth than Iron Man’s Friday (the one that was loaded after Jarvis).

And as far as movies go, Spider-Man Homecoming is a solid “coming of age” tale for the staple Marvel super hero but it’s more of a set-up rather than getting to know more about the character. It comes off as a bridge in a continuing series, which is really what it’s supposed to be, and is a recommended watch if only to get to know the new characters in Spider-Man’s “new” life. I give it a solid 4.5 out of 5, a definitive must-see.

P.S. there are two end credits which is very Spider-Man like at the end so stay glued to your seats!

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