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The Sony BRAVIA 4K HDR A1 OLED Experience

That’s a lot of letters up there right? All of those contribute to something that cannot be given justice by mere description – the experience that the A1 provides is transcendent of the TV viewing experience and while it’s size will not compete with cinema, all of its other aspects will make the viewer forget that there was ever a need to go to one when you can be up close to the action.

During the movie day about two Wednesdays ago held at a function room within the Picasso serviced residences at Makati, a number of guests were treated to a screening of one of the most pivotal chapters in the Star Wars saga – Revenge of the Sith (Episode 3) shown on the glorious 4K OLED screen of the Bravia A1.

Believe me when I say ‘crisp’ is an understatement. As 4K HDR content was being streamed through the panel via Blu-ray Disc, the entire movie felt like new all over again and after having watched something in that manner, going back into FHD felt like it had become a little less desirable than it really should be… high definition, no longer it was.

And that is only the beginning – Sony’s BRAVIA A1 also features Acoustic Surface technology which, even without assistance from dedicated sound accessories, deliver cinematic surround sound outputting vibrations from where the source is… on the screen itself. It is genuinely powerful and it was able to fill up a double height room even if it was not yet on its maximum intensity. This can be especially helpful in open world gaming scenarios such as Horizon: Zero Dawn which I personally got to handle for a little bit after the movie. Naturally I sucked at the game, having no PS4 of my own to practice with… otherwise would’ve downed those monsters seeing as I was using (what I believe to be) a fully leveled and geared unit… and yet all I could do was use some potions… shameful I know XD

There are two variants to the A1, differing mainly in size – a difference of 10″ diagonal costs an approximate additional 60k. Here are the retail prices for the two according to the site as of publishing:
Php188,999 for the 55″ variant
Php249,999 for the 65″ 4K OLED BRAVIA A1

Consider what you’ll be getting though – a cinematic experience that does not really require additional audio support; On a television screen that blends beautifully no matter the environment. There is that premium that comes from its simplicity… one that Sony took even further than their monolithic design language.

All the connections to the TV are cleverly tucked away within the back panel that sits flushed to a wall when it is mounted or serves to prop it up when the A1 is resting on a surface… no matter the configuration, the A1 finds itself blending AND standing out, no ordinary feat right there. So if you may be looking to gift something incredibly premium this holiday season, the A1 should definitely be on your shortlist. I’d love to own one, that why it gets excellent marks from me.


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