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Sony Vaio X on Sale

If you’re out on the market scouring for a premium quality computing machine then your luck has just skyrocketed. This premium Sony netbook is so thin you can use it to fan yourself, literally. The golden question of course is if it is thinner than the Macbook Air… and astoundingly, it is, at a height of 13.9mm even… lighter too.


Here are some specifications of note: Intel Atom Z540 ~1.9, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD Storage, 11.1” 1366×768, and a Windows 7 Home Premium 32-Bit as its operating system. What isn’t being said here is that its construction is of carbon fiber  which translated to sturdiness and is matte finished all over, even the screen.

I found it on sale at the Sony concept store at SM Megamall Cyberzone just tonight. They’re selling it at 50% off the original price and is now at 32.2k for cash and at 35k for installment; a quick visit to the TipidPC portal yields a second hand unit being sold at 40k, considerably higher in comparison. If you compare it to current available models at its price range while on sale it is quite the competitor especially because of the build and the integrated operating system, not to mention the form factor which really merits its high valuation even before.

If I were out for something as sleek as of now I probably would be typing on it at this very moment.

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