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Acer Iconia Tab A500

I’m waiting for this weekend to go around IT stores in hopes of finding the Asus Transformer already in shelf but then when I went in to PC Gilmore there already was the Acer Iconia Tab.


This 10-inch Android tablet is among the multitude of tablets already circulating around the US. Research shows that the Iconia tab carries the same Tegra 2 processor as its contemporaries, with the exception of 1Gb RAM (larger) and an orientation lock which is not present in most Android tablets. Documented benchmark data proves the Iconia tab to be quite the contender.

Several tests carried out by Engadget yields the following negative results which you can only really verify once youre using the device for yourself:
Continuous video stream puts the Iconia tab at below 7 hours of operation.
Some video tests showed fragmentation which wasnt present during tests of other devices comparatively ranking lower in benchmark standing.

Conversely, the following positive points were presented:
Excellent viewing angles.
Sufficient sound field for sharing media.
Crisp LCD display.

More and more, the Iconia tab looks to be a great multimedia device. There is a promised update by the second quarter of next year which is quite promising for the duration of the device.Hould you require an Android powered tablet device right now, with its retail price of around 24k for the 32gb variant the Iconia tab is definitely a possible choice.

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