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Samsung RF511-S01PH

I went around this weekend, again, and true enough, the market had not yet moved from last week, although we can see now stores carrying the SGS2. This unit that I will be writing about now I saw for the first time last weekend, it’s the Samsung RF511-S01PH, another 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 laptops gracious enough to come on over to our side of the planet.


What really caught my attention was its construction. Among all the 2nd Gen i7 equipped notebooks to ever come here, apart from the Sony one, this has the cleanest design. at 15.6” this is also one with the larger screens and surprisingly a better resolution as well at 1600×900.

Within it we find 750GBs of storage, 6GBs DDR3 memory, Blu-Ray Drive, 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 regular USB 2.0s. The graphics memory is a whopping 2GBs provided by an Nvidia GeForce GT540M with an Optimus system should you be wishing to conserve battery for menial tasks. It also comes with a Windows 7 Home Premium so you wont have to worry about getting the operating system separately as is the case with the other i7 offerings.

At a regular price of 69,900 (65 if cash or thereabouts) I would have to say that none of what is currently offered comes close to what this one would provide. Even without purchasing upgrades, the sheer power and technology crammed into it makes it a very compelling purchase. If there is anything negative to say about this device would be the odd arrangement of the arrow keys on the full keyboard layout.

That said, and with this device just a little over two weeks old in stores as per posting, this should make it to many homes looking for considerable computing power.

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