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Roccat going mainstream!

Gaming peripherals in the Philippines seems to be gaining ground as of late. Better computing accessibility across all facets of society seem to be having an effect on the formerly fledgling items.

One of the indicators of this is the appearance of Roccat gaming peripherals on the display shelves of PC corner at Megamall (Its too bad I wasn’t able to take a snap of the arrangement, it was packed to the brim!). This shop has been known to carry pieces of Razer stock among its stores but this display is a whole new level of marketing. There are particular advantages in acquiring gaming-grade accessories that wouldn’t be spotted anywhere near the much simpler home and office versions of the input devices.

They look absolutely gorgeous! These items don’t carry a 2k up price tag for nothing. They are the culmination of science and design geared towards bringing the player one step closer to the game. Mellow or striking LED’s provide the illusion of speed and ferocity illuminating all the buttons expressing readiness even in the darkest of night when gaming is at its peak. Variable weights and laser resolutions give the accuracy required within a moments notice. Specialized angles, curves, and surfaces set the stage for what may and most probably will be a good few hours of non stop fun and entertainment. Wouldn’t you want to be equipped with such weaponry?

Gaming peripherals encompass all manner of input devices and accessories related to gaming. From the keyboard to the mouse, its pad, joysticks, wheels, visors, microphones, headsets, most anything you can get your hands on to control the battlefield has a high performance equivalent.

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