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Logitech B100 – As simple as can be

Logitech sells, apart from its fancily packed mice and peripherals, business oriented items packed in a brown box… or white in the case of this one:

_1050935The mouse in the photo is the Bluetooth Wireless V470 and not the actual content of the box mind you. Heres what you get inside:

_1050936The B100 costs close to 200php, not the cheapest in any league except of its entire Logitech family. Certainly a mouse like this doesnt require any form of review – it does what it does for what its worth. It’s a reliable and quick solution to navigating around your desktop without any hassle and gimmick, just the loss of one USB port. This mouse is optical and the size is generally that of older, non-USB mice. Here, side by side with the V470, you can see the difference in size and contour as well as the matte finish which is really easy to maintain:

_1050937I bought one because my V470 is doucle clicking at times which could possibly mean that the contacts have been flattened inside causing it to recognize more clicks than you intend it to, as well as for emergencies where none of my 3 wireless mice are charged which probably would never happen.

Bear in mind though that not all the stores carry this very simple model so when you stumble upon it, there really is everything to gain from taking one home. Earlier however I was considering a 700php Rapoo BT mouse, the nearly 2000php Logitech M525 Wireless Unifying, the other Logitech BT mouse the 555b costing a little oveer 2000php, and the Razer Orochi listed at nearly 4000php. Quite a selection eh?!

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