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Canon Powershot Q4 Updates

A little while ago, I found myself looking around CameraHaus of Megamall and saw there two new models of their popular lines one of which was already priced.


Pay no mind to the printed out piece of cardboard in the frame, listed at almost 19,000php this update to the PowerShot SX series jumped over hundreds literally… last i know of was just SX150 IS. The SX500 boasts a 30x optical zoom using its Canon Zoom Lens with focal extremes 4.3mm to 129mm with 3.4-5.8 aperture limits respectively with image stabilization. It also had a sticker on the side indicating a 60x extended digital zoom which can definitely come in handy for a number of situations. At 16 megapixels, this shooter definitely means business.

What is intriguing about this model is its form factor. As an owner of a SX110 IS, I’ve been tracking the models along this one and they normally maintain a smooth and familiar outline; this new version however seems to have been made more compact with the whole body not exceeding a width twice of the mounted lens. The grip has been extended outward and looks to be fighting for ground among the more professionally oriented mirrorless models.


Beside it was this G15, jumping a few digits as well from the latest G12. Having a 5x zoom with apertures at a high of 1.8 and 2.8 at 30mm, this would better serve the more demanding shutterbugs with more than enough capacity to turn up fantastic images using friendly control dials. I can already think of someone who would be pretty interested in taking one home.

As it is just early November and Windows 8 is creeping up on stores effectively shadowing Windows 7, more and more gadgets are sure to come up and vie for the year end bonuses of everyone. These two new models are sure to be exchanged for those looking to get a more powerful compact in time for holiday memories.

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