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Asus Strix GL503VD – An ROG To Step Into

The Asus ROG Strix GL503VD is, believe it or not, the very first ROG unit that I’ve handled with considerable length, it might very well be your first as well. Priced and perched at a very respectable tag of Php 69,995 Asus brings even more consumers into the gaming arena with the Strix GL503VD.

It has a good selection of ports that would provide enough flexibility to handle multiple attachments at once – extended digital displays included. The design is something different as it offers a sleeker form factor with a brushed metal finish on the lid and a prominent diagonal cut that extends to the keyboard all the way up to the bottom where the Memory and the HDD can be found and replaced.

And because this computer is a Republic of Gamers (ROG) Machine, naturally we’ve come to expect flair in ways normal notebooks simply do not possess. There’s no better way to do that than to put Asus’ Aura RGB lighting into the keyboard! Naturally, it can also be customized to ramp up the excitement of gaming on the machine.

Above the keyboard, the power button as well as several dedicated media keys, are situated strategically so that pressing on them can only be intentional completely preventing any accidental strokes that might influence gameplay.

The key lineup includes a shortcut to the Gaming Center – a configuration GUI that gives the user access to all the components that can be tweaked for the best possible experience to be achieved.

As part of the Strix lineup, the GL503VD belongs to the category of gaming notebooks for those that want to step into the genre of high-end gaming. It is armed with the latest Intel Core i7-7700HQ coupled with an Nvidia GTX1050 with 4Gbs of VRAM and 8Gbs of RAM and is a pretty solid configuration for today’s games. I’ve ran benchmarks on two of the most anticipated and widely played games for the PC which are Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XV.

Here are their results:

Monster Hunter World on the GL503VD shows impressive framerate at the game’s benchmarking standard showing the GL503VD above the top 20th percentile of machines you could play the game on.

At the lowest game settings, MHW would provide the most fluid experience dropping just below 30fps a few instances but hovering mostly over 70fps. Alternatively, pushing the game towards its highest settings would not be advisable as the average is just around 30fps and that wouldnt be a very good way to hunt.

FFXV on the other hand proved to be quite the challenge for the GL503VD but with some compromise, one would come to terms with playing the definitive Final Fantasy experience at the land of Lucis.

On the game’s lowest settings, it’s pretty much a cakewalk for the GL503VD but if you’re one to look for the complete experience, because seriously, you don’t play Final Fantasy without the cinematic experience right?!? I’d personally recommend playing the same on the HQ / 720P / Windowed settings or SQ / 720P / Fullscreen – this should end up with just the right balance between graphics and speed for maximum enjoyment… but if you’re out to kill bosses, turn down the settings for better performance and best achievements.

Because this machine is developed to game, you’d be wise to always bring its power brick along when taking it out. The battery, under normal load, would be hard pressed to provide you with power close to 4 hours off electricity.

The package also comes with its very own wired gaming mouse – the GT300. It has a couple of DPI buttons right after the scroll wheel which takes care of quick shifts to mouse sensitivity when necessary AND it lights itself up along with the keyboard providing the user with a cohesive gaming experience at zero additional cost.

I played quite a few rounds of Diablo 3 (D3) on the GL503VD and, true to form, it was never a disappointment. It was very refreshing to actually run the dungeons on all the highest settings that all the physics, clutter, explosions, and damage calculations we’re being handled without any frames dropping or the screen tearing up from the sheer density of items being displayed. If only I had owned the GL503VD during this game’s hayday then I just might be among those streamers out now gunning for the top slots in rift clears.

As far as being an “entry” into gaming machines go, the GL503VD at Php 69,995 is pretty much a no brainer. All the latest games will run on this machine with some compromise but an overall immersive and enjoyable experience.

If you were going to use it for productivity, it definitely gives you an edge because of the powerful graphics as well as the massive processing power

The Asus ROG Strix GL503VD gets a complete set of stars from me.


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