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Asus Strix G – A Blend Close to Perfection

At just Php 89,995 this certain Asus Strix G presents a particularly effective combination of flair and power – fostering an environment that is perfectly suited for the enthusiast gamer among us.

The Strix G is the very first member of the 2019 ROG family that takes cues from the Asus x BMW design collaboration “Face Off” project. At the right side of the keyboard deck there are ridges that flow up till the back part of the device. These ridges serve multiple purposes for both cooling and sound transmission.

On the other Strix models, the Scar III and the Hero III this area serves a bigger purpose: housing the innovative ROG Keystone which contains your own gaming profiles and a bunch of other information that would literally make the laptop personalized to your distinct preference… for Strix G users, its more design oriented.

When you turn on the Strix G, you’d be greeted by the familiar ROG swoosh sound, a very powerful one at that but I’m absolutely positive that it won’t be the only thing you’ll take note of. Along with that sound, light would appear at the underside of the device – not unlike show cars with their underglow, the Strix G let’s everyone know that IT IS ON!

To be honest, I found this part of the device a little bit fragile looking but when you actually handle it you’re just going to forget that there ever was a reason you had doubted its sturdiness (only because it was a white color).

The light runs on three sides of the device, the exception being the back part where power, display, and ethernet gets delivered without having the need to crowd either the left or the right side.

Powering the Strix G is the latest generation Intel Core i7-9750H and the Nvidia 1660Ti for the SKU that I had tested out . Other Strix G models can come with up to the RTX2070 but this particular one that was sent to me is plenty powerful and the enthusiast gamer would not be disappointed. Unlike the first 1660Ti powered device that I had the privilege of testing out, this one felt that much more responsive and the gaming benchmarks give it an ultimately higher rating very likely because of the CPU power. The potential of the card is unleashed when coupled with the i7 chip managing a fairly high score in the FFXV bench at high settings and fullscreen display.

Some of the other benchmarks that I normally run are below for good measure.

It isn’t without stutter but the instances of those are few and far between that gaming on the device with heavy graphics would definitely be a fun and worthwhile experience.

The package comes with a bag and an Impact mouse that syncs with the keyboard and the underglow lights for a refined experience through the Armoury Crate. I especially found the “music” setting to be the most fun one to use with the lights matching the intensity of the sound that goes out of the machine. The only drawback to which is the lack of lights when nothing is coming out of audio.

With the Strix G I was able to create 3D presentation material just as easily as I would’ve on the setup that I’m using at the moment. Working on a 3D environment within an integrated system like this was both familiar and worry-free. I had not been able to actually bring it out to the meeting as it hadn’t happened while the Strix G was with me but I’m pretty sure its battery and processing power was going to hold up to the real time rendering that was required at the time, at least for the duration of the meeting if there was not a power source nearby.

My experience with the Strix G has reinforced within me the sense as to why the ROG brand is a staple among heavy utility content creators – not only is it rocking a sense of style to rival any other machine in its periphery but the fact that you’d be carrying a reliable rig for working on heavy scenes, and of course intense graphics, at a moments notice provides the necessary peace of mind to perform without a nagging feeling that something might go wrong with the equipment… what more for its higher powered brethren.

The ROG Strix G and all its brothers are available at the ROG Mall of Asia and ROG Concept Stores nationwide.

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