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Acer Iconia

We’re all aware that tablet computing is all the rage these days. While the idea was still in its infancy, several computer manufacturers launched a double touchscreen laptop concept.
Tonight, I was able to play with one inside their concept store.

Retailing at nearly 71k, this dual touchscreen laptop computer really had my hopes up but upon testing it out, it dawned on me that the idea of it was much better than its implementation.

The build was a  little bit different from convention, there were usb ports present but there was a lack of indicator lights. I also sensed a special consideration towards cooling through a massive side vent that travels more than half the width of the profile. There was also a special ‘keyboard’ button situated at the hinge that instantly converts the lower panel into a virtual input that is quite different from the one that windows uses for its tablet devices. With this one you have all the regular keys laid out just as it would be in normal laptops, you can hide/unhide a virtual trackpad as well.

The experience was quite an upset; not only was I not able to type properly… there was really nothing else to do with the bottom screen apart from it!
While it is arguable that I probably have missed on several integrated features unique to a dual touchscreen, the poor tracking performance speaks loads of its capability, or better yet incapability, as a production device. Yori’s Aspire 1825PTZ tracks better and doesnt go off tracking elements in the direct vertical of where your finger is at.
If i was to describe how it was reacting, i would go as far as to say that the lower panel was overly sensitized and can handle so many inputs at once that it ‘thinks’ there are multiple touch points with actually just one.

I had asked the personnel if there was a way to calibrate the panel and true to form, he had no idea. The Toshiba concept store was just a few steps away and I was hoping to pit their take on the dual touchscreen concept but wasnt very fortunate to find one on their displays.
So far I wouldnt recommend this device typology to anyone, Im hoping somehow to be proven mistaken of course but thats it for now.

The Acer Iconia… wasnt iconic at all.

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