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Acer Iconia W500

If, unlike me, you had been a little more patient and had not yet chosen a tablet to take home, then youre in for another headache as one of the much anticipated combinations had finally landed in the country in the form of the Acer Iconia W500.

Sharing a parallel pricing category as the Asus Transformer with the dock, this offering from Acer also comes with its own keyboard and with very good reason. What sets this apart from many of the earlier 10 inch tablet offerings is that it comes equipped with Windows as its operating system. What it offers is the familiar environment and functionality of the Windows platform and all the programs that come with it, and for many, including myself, those programs are a big advantage when it comes to functionality. No longer will there be a need to find an ‘alternative’ file handler as actual products from big name developers such as Microsoft can be utilized.

The product is being offered by TCA in Megamall if you’re interested, so far this is the only shop where I have seen it but I’m almost certain it should be the same case in their branch at Park Square One. At 29,000 card/installment price, it is a very compelling purchase especially now that videos of a currently developing touch-centric Microsoft Windows 8 had already surfaced.

The Iconia Tab W500 is powered by an AMD Fusion chip, the C-50, a dual core APU clocked at 1.0Ghz with a screen resolution of 1200×800, higher than the current 10 inch standard for netbook displays, 2GBs RAM, 16/32Gb SSD (didnt get to write down what the exact number was on the rack) and of course a Windows 7 Home Premium to use it with, along with a couple of starter Office packages they usually bundle it with.
Now if youre going to ask me if I would like to take this one home given the chance then the answer would be… definitely! While I am not nearly as productive on the Transformer as I would like to be, it has its own merits which I will tackle upon my full review to come in a few days (or tomorrow)… it has been a week since I first booted up the device after all.

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