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Another ‘game changer’ from Asus comes in the form of a very affordable netbook at just Php10k for the basic MeeGo version with a slight bump for the Win 7 one. With an expected release early on q4 for our country, lets take a peek at what could be anticipated of it.

They’ve recently launched their website at which definitively shows a targeted demographic of university students with embedded applications allowing for schoolwork to be accomplished out of the box (OpenOffice) in concert with cloud services (Dropbox, Vibe) that is rapidly becoming the norm for extended storage.

Running on an 8Gb SSD for its primary drive, the website also highlights their ‘instant-on’ feature available for the X101H which takes no more than 2 seconds to be ready and online. There is also a microSD card slot for greater expansion, up to 32Gbs.

Its quite thin and fairly lightweight sporting a 10 inch 1024×600 resolution which is what a lot of netbooks are equipped with as well. Particularities between the two devices include the VGA connection, RJ45 LAN, and full sized SD/MMC card slot available only on the X101H which adds a little bit to the profile of the device but ultimately makes the X101H a better choice if only for the ability to connect to a projector for presentations at class or anywhere else.

This trend is similar to the first release of the 7 inch EeePC way back then; only with more current technologies in tow and a larger target audience to conquer. The real test for the adaptation of the device into the market is when it lands, the price would absolutely make personal computing go into overdrive as more people gain access to it, maybe even finally kill off the whole ‘computer shop’ concept or revolutionize it even.

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