2nd Leg of Laptop Factory Warehouse Sale

So this morning I was seeing a sponsored ad from Laptop Factory and seeing as they’re relatively close to my location I went over and previewed what is available for all the people who couldn’t go and maybe consider if they’d want to brave the streets on their last day tomorrow (or today depending on when you’re reading this) where they’ll put out their tables at around 12NN to 6PM.

Here is the location of the shop: https://goo.gl/maps/xM6n6d7UTFxEEGEQ9
It is right across Robinsons Magnolia along Aurora Boulevard and their tables would be on the parking lot.

The segregation is a bit random, but you could see groupings of Celeron and Atom devices, Core i3/i5 together, and some odd singles that have stories to them. Models with boxes underneath them basically mean that there are stocks of that particular model and is not a one off. Also, unlike their November cycle, there are no accessories out on display /sad

On their promotion they said that there are 3000 and 5000 peso laptops and sure enough these exist in the following form/s – netbooks of a particular age:

Most of what is out fall into the category of laptops that have been created in response to the surge of homeschooling during the thick of the pandemic.

The most expensive one I found outside on the warehouse sale is this HP Victus model at Php 45,000

It is a US import and as such is not warrantied locally. There are several units though and these are sealed so they’re basically new. This is not a bad deal considering the gaming nature of this laptop. If you go inside their store you can find the more recent variants of the Victus which are priced within the vicinity of this one – around 10k more or so.

Do not be shy and ask the agents around because some models on the sale, like the Huawei MateBook D15 they’re selling off for Php 29,000 shown here:

remain boxed and do not have a demo/preview unit on the tables. Click here for a comparative to a more recent version of this laptop.

When an item is tagged “GOOD UNIT” it typically means that these are “refurbished” by the shop itself. These would be given to you unboxed and are units and charger only. There were 2 on display, this Rose Gold Macbook Air for Php 37,500

and this Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Generation) which is unbelievably yours for just Php 25,000

I honestly would’ve loved to take this particular unit home; it carries a very small risk having been refurbished and all that, but the build, components, weight, and everything else on the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is something I personally would not hesitate to bring around. It has a 1440p screen, excellent keyboard, standard ports… it’s a fantastic bargain… even though it is aged at this point in time – sporting an 8th Gen Intel when today’s units are pushing 13th.

Of course going to this sale also exposes you to their more recent offerings found inside the store – most of which are on a year-end discount too. See more of what’s available on their website here.

I had asked if there would be some new models for the next day and he only told me that the possibility is present. I hope that gives you a good enough preview – kudos to Laptop Factory for moving inventory in this particular way.

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