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The Real Power of META feat. FFBE and Legendary Hero Sephiroth


Key META units like Legendary Hero Sephiroth have the ability to revitalize accounts. It is a recommended start point for new accounts but it assumes that the gamer would be investing a significant amount of time and/or resource into the game. This is practically 1.5 years vs 5 years of gameplay here!

Are you familiar with the phrase: “live vicariously through you/others” or some such. It’s a good thing that, this time around, I don’t need to do that.

Last August 5, on FFBE Global, Legendary Hero Sephiroth (LHS) was released. He is/was one of the most anticipated characters to have been revealed because of just how much damage the unit could output. Now I’ve been playing FFBE religiously since launch and I have a main account, currently at level 215 and an alt account that has been sitting at level 55 for the longest time. Needless to say, luck was simply not on my side for the main and so out of sheer frustration, I went through downloading all the updates to bring the level 55 Amazon version of the game into playable state.

I got LHS twice within the first two steps of the pity banner… this was on Sunday… which means that I won’t even be able to get all the login shards that are free from the daily. So I took a look at what I had on this account and really there’s not much to go on… before LHS, the only NVs on this account was a couple of NV Cloud and the free NV CD Aerith which I can’t even get to EX2 properly at this point in time.

As a game veteran however, I am equipped with knowledge of the game and there’re ongoing events with which some equipment can be had and so I got to work… I at least would like to have a viable working version of LHS. Fast forward to today, the day right before the first maintenance after LHS, my alt account is at level 75… no other LHS appearances currently at my 6th pity multi banner summon with almost the entire story available to get Lapis from (I’m just at Zoldaad right now) so the time is a bit of a constraint… but, my EX1 LHS already hits harder than a fully decked out EX3 NV Cloud on my main.

What LHS did was to breathe new life to my otherwise storage space wasting alt account. It somehow renewed interest on FFBE because now I need to farm the heck out of the game to get the most out of this one unit. I don’t believe that the experience would be the same if this was a brand new account with literally nothing in its inventory to at least hasten the progression… but that’s probably what the “new account” bonuses are for. Here’s what I did to prepare the alt account for re-entry into this era of the game:

Make LHS hit as hard as possible while being status immune (to plow through the story)
Make support units to increase the possibility of participating in trials (NVA Reno… still seeing if I can push it into EX3 as I can’t even do the Holy Nuke Strat because the only Esper I have is Siren)
Farm out all the event equipment especially the Chronicle Masamune

Here are the problem areas I encountered:

– Not enough Trust Moogles
– Very little STMRs
– No Killers
– No VIP coins
– Very little roles covered
– No Espers
– No Insignias
– Doing the story, especially the season 1 stuff, takes a very very long time


Update: Today is the second maintenance after the LHS banner went live which means that the rate up banner would be gone once the game goes back up. Luckily I landed an LHS on my main account as well. This had me refrain from pushing harder on my Alt. The LHS over there is a workable one, but the LHS on the main is a different beast altogether with proper access to materia, resources, and whatnot.

It’s important to note however that a proper LHS should be at least EX2 to have access to the first turn LB. Best of course would be EX3 but that eventually happens one way or another. FFBE is a grindy process like that especially in the endgame.

After maintenance ends, the LHS on my main account should be able to step into EX2 with VIP Coin shards… I can only hope that on my Alt I can get enough VIP Coins to cross the EX2 threshold as well… Cleaning up (past) trials would now be something I can comfortably think of accomplishing. I actually powered through the Bogeyman trial with my EX1 LHS just to get enough Lapis to pull on the discounted banner one last time before maintenance commenced.

The Masamune is nice to look at but the ATK upgrades hardly do anything for LH Sephiroth

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