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Seagate Enters the SSD Space with the Barracuda, FireCuda, and the IronWolf

Dateline : June 11 – Seagate launched in the Philippines a host of SSDs under the same naming convention that they use for their HDDs. Almost the entire family of Seagate creature convention was there, leave for the SkyHawk which is the one they use for their surveillance lineup, Barracuda, FireCuda, and of course IronWolf. In an event heralded as #SeagateLevelUp they re-introduced their “creatures” into the SSD space, previously uncharted territory for the brand.

The same convention that made it easy to identify what Seagate drives are for remain with these releases: Barracuda (Green) meant for consumer grade utility,

FireCuda (Red) for applications that require much better performance,

and IronWolf which is used specifically for NAS applications running 24/7 with maximum reliability. Seagate made a world first here by purposely building the IronWolf 110 which is an SSD that is specific for NAS.

The IronWolf 110 perfect for NAS like these

But SSDs aren’t all that Seagate has been up to, they also showed us what they’re offering for the current generation of portable hard drive users. The emphasis of the products in this category was in the material quality, expression, and fashion. They showed a whole new lineup of Backup Plus Slims featuring a mix of aluminum and plastic to make the outer shell stand out beyond just a simple polished finish.

Aluminum faced and all the better for it

A new Ultra Touch harddrive with fabric on the exterior displays an elevated form of the harddrive that it didn’t have before but it gets even better than that with an entire suite of applications that the drive comes with upon purchase.

Ultra Touch in White and Black

And finally there is the LaCie Mobile Drive which is aluminum althroughout with “diamond” bezels that make the thing feel even more premium than the previous two. They even differentiate the cut according to the capacity which is a very tactile way of identifying drives from one another especially if you’re a big fan of the brand.

As precious as the Diamonds they’re inspired from, as strong as well!

Seagate is definitely barreling down on the storage segment of the PC Master Race and we’re only going to get even more innovations that are attuned to the users from now especially with the rise of data and its generation. Very glad to see them on the SSD side of the fence with their A-Team in tow.

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