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A Closer Look at the Timex Linear Chronograph LE – T2P273

This watch is the Timex Linear Chronograph reference number T2P273. It is technically off the market at this time but despite that I was able to procure mine just last April 2.
There are several variants of the linear chronograph – this style sporting a raised second partial dial, around 2/3rds of the way, acting as a shroud to the mechanism of the linear 30 minute retrograde display.

It is the largest among my budding collection with a diameter of 47mm and a thickness of 13mm with the associated weight.

It comes with a fixed Tachymeter bezel, a date window at around 1.5 and can track a second timezone using the 24 hour subdial at 4.5.

We have standard chronograph pushers at 2 and 4, this one has a split timer function which allows you to read the lap but still continue timing the event which is activated by pushing reset while timing… the chronograph seconds advance at a relatively smooth rate of 5x per second.

There are two different directions on the grain between the main dial (concentric) as well as the raised partial dial (vertical).

And though it doesn’t say it on the face, this assembly is water resistant to 100 meters and I’ve recently brought it out for some time on the beach.

There is no Indiglo on this Timex and I gotta say I miss that feature somewhat when there is little light around – though naturally that wouldn’t work with this multi-level design XD. This has been an exercise in some Macro photography using an attachment on my lenses and it has only given me finer appreciation for the details on this particular design.

Till the next timepiece then!

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