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Xperia X10 UXP Update

It was bound to come to this… its now confirmed that the much anticipated and final UXP update for the X10 has been released and is starting to roll out first to the X10a community and then soon to the X10i as well.

Firmware build 2.1.A.0.435 is told to improve upon the following:

Mediascape functionality – landscape orientation, photo zooming one touch / pinch zoom
Timescape – additional Moxier tab (not that its of any real use)
Video Editing – I cant confirm as of yet if this is through some new app or whatnot
and of course the official Dualtouch kernel.

While these are the more obvious of the updates, there could possibly be some code enhancements to improve the speed of the phone. Now as I have the 2.0.A.0.504 with enabled multitouch all set up, I dont see reason enough to upgrade and go through the setup process yet again… but I most probably will.

Im still hoping that the folks at XDA Developers continue to create wonderful new custom builds for the X10 because if you look at it real close, it isnt that much different from the Xperia Arc. But that’s it for now I guess, no more official updates for the X10.

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