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WD Passport 1TB Mechanical Failure

A few days ago while I was about to check up on some old files, an intermittent clicking sound can be heard quite audibly from the external drive. I had tried it with some other computers in the hopes that it might simply not be receiving enough power but it seems not to be the case.

Even though I have no recollection of the contents within this particular drive, I’m thinking there must be some things inside it that retains importance and so with a resolve that comes from tinkering with most hardware typologies I proceeded to open the enclosure…


I then removed the eight screws with a small torx screwdrwiver (T6) from the top plate to reveal the mechanism inside…


…looking to find a stuck read/write head which only needed a little push to return to normal operation… Alas! It was in its normal resting state which meant that the failure came from a more problematic position. (Seen below the head is not on its resting state because I had snapped it into the photographed position)


After several attempts with it, I figured this is no longer an issue that can be solved through D.I.Y. "first-aid" methods and might actually require a board transplant just to get the data from these plates; of course not having another Passport of the same model meant I cannot possibly hope to accomplish the secondary stage of repair/recovery.

It is at this point in time that I had to resign within myself the loss of the terrabyte of data which, while not exactly overly huge in current time, only means that the content may be taken down from a variety of sources (again) in equivalent or better quality… unless there are items within it that came from and/or were produced by me… which is likely the case. I am still hoping that one of these days, by some sort of miracle, it can be read and then I’ll immediately transfer all viable content to another drive here… for now, its a paperweight with magnets and mirror-like discs.

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