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The Olympus Body Cap Lens Encounter

I just recently saw this being reviewed in DigitalRev and didn’t expect to see one in person so soon.

BodyCapLens (2)

These past four days, our office and artists who work with us have been going around the beautiful Ilocos Norte possible through the generosity of the Governess herself Madam Imee Marcos. We were being taken around by Aian, the lead of her tourism group, and s/he had an OMD just like me with the Body Cap Lens as an alternative to the kit.

BodyCapLens (1)

According to Aian, s/he bought it because the 12-50mm kit was being overused and constantly getting hit most understandably because it is quite a long lens for the micro four thirds system. The body cap lens is called as such because of the proportions of the actual lens which is actually not much bigger than the body cap which the body ships with; it is so miniscule that the lens cap of this particular model is actually thicker than the lens itself.

The lens is pretty basic with three modes – closed, infinite focus, and macro. it is both a fixed focal length at 15mm (30mm 35 equivalent) and constant minimum aperture of f8. If not for the glass elements, you’d actually mistake it for a pinhole type camera opening. S/he bought this in HK for about 2000Php

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