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PSA: Distracted Driving Act 101


I encountered this while browsing around and I figured, since it also applies to me personally, I’d make a summary of what it contains to help people figure it out quickly.


In the purest sense this bill promotes non-use of mobile devices for the driver… but its not entirely preventing it.


If you have a hands-free headset (which means you’re not holding your phone) AND the mobile is not impeding your line of sight then everything’s A-OK. This act is in effect even when you’re stopped at a red light. So the gist of it is – if you’re spotted holding your phone while on a road you will be penalized!


Only emergency vehicle drivers are exempted… or if you’re calling in to report to them.


Penalties start from Php5,000 to Php20,000 and license revocation if you get caught 4 times.
AND if you’re a PRO license holder OR you get caught near a school zone, that is subject to a much graver penalty.

That’s it for this public service announcement from Gadgetshelf ^^

Reference: Full Act Text

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