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Pinoy Blogfest 2.0

Arrived at the event just in time for the first few registrants, I think I was third to write my name down… They weren’t letting us in at first so I roamed around the various booths present there.

The gateway to the forum

Among the tech booths were Western Digital, Asus, Archos, Canon, Neo, Benq, JBL, Sennheiser for the technology sector, Manila Bulletin and Business Mirror for the publications, Teletech, Globe, Pony, and Coca Cola for the commercial and business sectors.

Bloggers to the right...
and bloggers to the left.

Here’s a little runthrough of the event which was held at the Trinoma Activity center which was really nicely put together for a dialogue of sorts:

Hats off to a wonderful set of speakers.

Manuel Quezon III

He presented a surprising survey of where the people got their news and how they perceived the question. Defined freedom through three simple choices: to study, think, and express oneself. Consice and straightforward were qualities that came with his presentation.

Gang Badoy

Her segment was full of energy, began with the change between online anonymity of before to the more transparent method of today. Although admittedly unprepared, she was quirky and had a lot of good insight.
She even had this funny quotable quote: “You are your own powerpoint presentation!” as a response to her not having one.

Allie Cook

Now this part I didn’t really see coming, but it was a very good introduction into which is a microfinancing initiative that already has a solid foundation and they’re looking into more mileage with some publicity. Hit up to find out how you can help.


A short message from the Coca-cola company ensued giving us some perspective on how their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiatives are helping out many of our countrymen guided by their 7 sustainability pillars.

Maribell Alba

The publisher and CEO of Gadgets Magazine who also opened the forum came back and introduced the ‘Good Blog’ award that will run up to the next iteration of the Pinoy Blogfest where the first ever awardees for the three categories (Text, Photo, and Video) will be announced. It is not particularly intended for pro-bloggers at all and a simple link that materializes into a page/photo/video, can win it. A humanitarian theme is the first and foremost qualification.

Noel Cabangon

And while the dinner was made available, some entertainment was provided by him through the masterful presentation of four originals, very popular and catchy tunes if I may say so. Hats off to Mr Cabangon for his incredible songwriting and performance.

Sponsors raffled off some prizes to close off the event and I was lucky enough to go home with a case (24 cans) of Coca cola products in tow. Stuff given away included cleaners, speakers, a cellphone, and a monitor as well.

Queued for redemption.

The event was short and sweet and it was fun to see a lot of similarly empassioned writers from all sorts of fields together, I hope more of these forums come up and make themselves available. A discussion can indeed take a long time but getting to talk about issues surrounding the nature of blogs can get pretty interesting when you really think about it.

A big thanks to Gadgets Magazine for creating such a great venue and opportunity.

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