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Philips Lighting Eyecomfort Advocacy

The evening of July 5, at the Discovery Primea, Philips Lighting launched their Eyecomfort campaign with three ambassadors for lighting design and utility.

Using three vignettes of interior spaces, Philips showcased a complete lineup of lighting solutions that had innovative technology within the lamps themselves. What can be found used in different scenarios were LED SceneSwitch bulbs – that change color when turned off and on again, as well as Step-dimmable Hadron and Meson Downlights – these change intensity (between two or three levels) when turned off and on again.

There were also Deco Classic lights which use a pseudo filament as the source of illumination bringing the bulbs to a level of aesthetic one would love to show off.

These special lights are of course among general lighting solutions and even recessed/concealed lighting components in the form of the Cavanal LED Ceiling Lamp, LED Batten Cove Lights, LED Tape, and Gen 7 bulbs.

Paulo Alcazaren, celebrated landscape architect and designer, had insights on the importance of lighting in the development of space. In his particular vignette, which was the living room, general lighting as well as dimmable solutions and mood lights came into focus.

Mommy blogger and social media influencer Kelly Misa-Fernandez had a few things to share with regards to the importance of developing moods within the kitchen and dining setting. Dimming lights as well as the Deco Classic line made the space feel different with every setting

Make-up artist to the stars Jigs Mayuga, talked about the importance of color temperature within the bedroom especially important and flattering to the women and their facial features. The Gen 7 lamps and sceneswitch models took center stage this time around.

It was a literally “enlightening” evening that displayed current generation solutions brought about by Philips Lighting into the modern household. With every new innovation that they put out, the focus on the consumers and their well being stand out, this is truly what makes Philips Lighting a global leader in the field of illumination.


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