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New Lightning Camera Connection Kit from Daiso

When Katsy was on her migration into the iPad Mini (from the iPad 2), one of her main qualms had been the official camera connection kit which had a short cable stem very unlike the previous 20-pin version which attaches itself into the bottom of the device. Naturally, the migration happened and had been progressing without a camera connection kit like before… until last night when we took home one from Daiso! (It works, thank goodness!)

From the content creator’s standpoint, this peripheral allows for the creation of posts with shots coming from a camera without the need for an intermediary (like a computer) to get the images onto the iPad. With this and the physical keyboard cover, the iPad mini becomes the lean mean blogging machine that it was meant to be!

While one can argue that the presence of wifi equipped cameras negates the need for such, this method allows for continuous web connectivity unlike the former which would require the user to disconnect from one network to get to the one created by the camera… a tradeoff, true, but it does have its usefullness… after all you can do this without the need for battery power!

Utility goes beyond simple file transfers as is illustrated within the box (must test that physical keyboard compatibility stat!) and comes at an incredible value all things considered! Of course you shouldn’t expect Apple quality precision with the accessory – seen here beside an original, first generation kit:

All aspects of it pale in comparison to the original. To wit, the Apple product appears totally seamless whichever way you look at it; on the other hand, there isn’t even an attempt to hide the joinery of the alternative. What’s more: all the lettering and symbols appear crisp, clean, and as if applied by a laser on the original versus what appears to be a transfer sticker job on the alternate.

Don’t even get me started on those pins and card connections! I actually had to rifle through some of the stock to choose one of the better ones (least imperfections on the final product wins!). But all of that is beside the point really, for as long as one is able to perform this file importation, that in itself is a huge time saver and could mean the difference for time sensitive content.

This should be widely distributed among the popular Japanese item establishments and you could get one for less than two hundred pesos!

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