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Egghead – Not what you’re thinking I’m sure…

While I was out and about going through one of the most incomplete but possibly rewarding tech store circuits which is the Robinsons Galleria basement I chanced upon a store that I haven’t seen before. While it has been a while since I last went here, this store is different and is probably the only one of its kind among popular commercial destinations.


Its called Egghead aptly so due to the prevalence of headphones which most importantly you could audition! (Audition is the term used in music forums which translates to ‘trying out’ ear/headphones.) Now this is nothing new as far as service is concerned because the same can be said of many other shops selling premium ear-gear but what makes this stand out is the fact that there’re more than 20 models out available for testing brands of which vary from Philips to Sennheiser and everything in between – gaming headsets, headphones, monitors, the works. The make, model, and price are all indicated on the acrylic heads where the phones rest ready and waiting for you to plug it into your player of choice and audition for a chance of providing you with the depth and clarity which tickles your fancy.


It’s an audiophiles’ wet dream come true, the headphone toting bunch at least. Of course I didn’t pass off the chance to try out the line of Audio Technica phones comparing them against each other as well as the experience with my 40mm Pioneer pair… oh the variety subtle range differences can make. Should you stray into the Galleria do check it out, located at the center of the electronic district behind the foodcourt, you’d have a good run listening to how a single song can sound so very different depending on what drives them. Enjoy!

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