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Legacy: The Monitor Power Cord

Not much can be said about how desktops are configured because they pretty much look the same.
People who do not need plenty of screen space to work with generally maintain only one monitor and there was a time not so long ago when there is only a need for one power socket even though you have both the CPU and the monitor in need of electric juice.
Let me re-introduce to you the monitor cable that allowed for such a feat:

Haven’t seen one of those in ages right? It really is mysterious why this cable had been taken out of the bundling of monitors; Especially nowadays when all the new LCD/LED models are boasting power efficiency, all the more that it would make sense.
Now this cable wouldn’t really make a difference in getting your electric bills down a notch but it would help reduce the snaking around of power cables and would free you a much needed power socket! Not to mention that it doubles as a form of extension cord for when you have a configuration where the CPU is located remotely from the screens.

Look closely at some of the shelves of electronics stores the next time you go around shopping, you may yet find a need to use one of these. Before purchasing one check out the monitor connection though, you might have a different requirement and this one would not fit, retails at around 100-200Php.

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