Noctis to appear in Tekken 7

Just a couple of hours ago Bandai Namco revealed a third DLC (that’s downloadable content for the uninitiated) for the Tekken 7 title and it just so happens to be a crossover character from Final Fantasy XV – Noctis Lucis Caelum with his Engine Blade making him the second character in the game to actually wield a sword… well phantasmal swords this time around.

The gameplay shows him doing several warp moves and combos, flasks, and of course the limit break Armiger in very familiar Tekken style. I’m quite certain that players of Tekken aren’t unfamiliar with Final Fantasy XV and fans of both would definitely master the character as soon as it drops.

The reveal trailer, which is nearly a five minute mini movie, displays a cinematic that follows Noctis on a quest following a phone call from Lars who apparently is busy doing something else and enlists the help of Noctis to suppress “the beast” which appears to be a dressed up Kuma that Noctis is able to defeat towards the end of the trailer.

He and Lars are seen fishing at the end, an integral part of the FFXV gameplay.

This DLC is going to be available on Spring of 2018! Watch the full trailer here:

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