Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Youkai Lantern Takedown 20190824

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a guide like this, likely because I still haven’t taken care of Gilgamesh Kai so the other challenges are still hidden behind that wall for me. Enter this week’s trial boss challenge March of the Demons – Youkai Lantern.

As this is a limited trial linked to a banner event, it will disappear after two weeks and I’d like to offer some help to those that may be struggling with this trial. It is, after all, one of the first ones to feature a boss monster who puts up DOTs (Damage Over Time) on your team.

So what did I know prior to entering the battle:
Evade works against the pre-emptive attack
– Boss is vulnerable to status ailments
– Fire resistance can be helpful

That’s about it. So putting two and two together, I figured I’d take Noctis on this trial and see where it goes from there. Didn’t pay much attention to fire resistance really.
I had used up a total of 120 NRG to finish the trial and here’s my winning team and lap:

Noctis (Evade Attacker Ailments LB Kill)
Sieghard (Evade Tank)
LM Fina (Healer/Reraiser)
Elena (DD) Light Enervation
Lid (Breaker)
Friend Elena (DD) Chain Partner

In the fight I learned that the boss also is practically immune to all elements because of innate 100% resistance to all elements except water (20%). My winning turn consisted of (Light) Blade of Crystal chaining with an Armiger LB for the accomplishment.

Here’s how it went down for me, at least what I can recall:

PE Turn 0: Noctis, Sieg, and Lid left alive
Turn 1: (Setup)
Noctis Quintcast III (Boss Slept)
Sieg Phoenix Down on LM Fina
Lid N/A
Pre Turn 2: Everyone dead except LM Fina
Turn 2: (Revive)
LM Fina Double Lotus Reverse Hearts (Revive All) Divine Veil
Turn 3: (Setup/Attack)
Light Enervation BoC
Faithful Heir
Super Analysis
Eternal Light
Boss at 60%
Enemy Turn
Kills off F.Elena and Noctis (Auto-Revived) DOTs on everyone else
Turn 4: (Setup)
Reraise on F.Elena and Noctis
Sieg Cover Up
I sorta remember attacking on this turn (or the next turn) but for very little damage, I may have used Quintcast here also but the boss was relatively unaffected.
Pre Turn 5 DOTs and Auto-Revived
Turn 5: (Setup)
LM Fina Limit Judgement Cross
HT Lid Limit Mechabo Custom Hammer
Quintcast III (Boss Slept)
I may have just put up Light Enervation for both of my Elena’s here so I can BOC chain X3 next turn
Turn 6 (Kill)
Double LE BoC(2/3) + Armiger

– Keep the boss sleeping/paralyzed so you’ll encounter less DOTs
– Make sure reraise is up for when DOTs will kick in
– Light Imperil and Chaining to damage (at least for this guide)

Looking back, I probably could’ve finished off the boss on Turn 5, can’t really remember what happened with my Elena’s I think one of them didn’t have LE on at the time and they chained but for naught. I hope this guide helps you taking down one of the newest gimmicks that bosses come with. I’m not sure if it’s possible to get the last accomplishment but for a mere 10 Lapis it’s fine. See you on the Farplane!

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