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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Dark Visions Released 20200424

This global pandemic is definitely one for the books and right in the midst of it, there are these games that are taking care of the people by keeping them inside their homes fiddling with their phones. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) is a gacha game over three years old in global and just yesterday, a new layer of gameplay has been added to the mix, at least in its global GL version, and another exciting release has been announced for the original JP version, the Neo Visions, more on this later.

Dark Visions is something sort of new and can be quite confusing if you add it to the already robust game system that has been baked into FFBE. This is an attempt to make the event simple and digestible enough for those that might be new to the game and also those who might be considering picking it up for the first time.

It is, in its simplest form, an active scoreboard/leaderboard which you can re/challenge at any time within the event duration and it costs little NRG or currency, around 15 or so.

There are points to be garnered by way of several criteria which are (upon release and on the first area):
DMG – most damage dealt in a single turn, points here go up to 30000
RCV – this counts how little damage that your team receives (less damage, more points)
KO – this checks to see if any of your units died and lowers points accordingly
TRN – this checks how many turns it took you to kill the opponent (FTKOs get maximum points
CHN – this checks how much chains you’ve accomplished on any turn (seems to count only up to 100 and you get full marks for it)

There are five enemies per area, each with a different elemental and type weakness with which a team of your choosing can play up on, strategize, and maximize output.

So to sum up, you would want to perform the following to get full marks:
300M damage at least, first turn kill, and 100 chain hits…

The META is a True Dual Wield TDW CG Cid to perform two chain capping finish which should go way past the damage requirement

At this time and if you’re just gunning for the top – you don’t need healers at all; you’d need a finisher, chainers, imperils, imbues or elemental weapons, buffs, and breaks. It is in this area where unit variety comes into play big time as you cannot bring duplicates AND friend units into battle to help you out; its geared towards end game players much more than newer ones.

There are proper setups for these requirements especially considering what type of monsters are currently on the round, and this is just for the first area… it is likely that the succeeding areas might have other criterion for getting full marks. In fact, there is a considerable number of players at rank 1 with 400,000 points right out of the gate which begs the question as to how the players will actually be tiered once this first iteration comes to a close.

My particular playstyle has been to let permanent trials lie in wait until the weapons from them become necessary but timed events like these are a must finish for me. There was a bit of time spent to configure the initial characters as this starts out with a clean slate… as in not a single unit of yours is geared! At least on the Item World we can Load one of our saved configurations… here people spend the time to re-find the equipment and form the team to take down the foes.

Has this revitalized the game for you? I sure hope so. Its a fine way to use more units unlike the training dummy. I actually had to fully level up an Archmage Kefka for one of the challenges and my fully enhanced Esther has yet to lay her paws on the DV farplane… maybe in the next area if it’s a lightning round.


The second area has been opened and while the criteria for scoring remains the same, the difficulty has been stepped up a notch with enemies having pre-emptive attacks as well as negative status effects like charm which would absolutely devastate a team if not a single unit is resistant to it. The main enemy at this point is Dark Siren and she even brings two lackeys with her at the end stage.

Keep safe out there guys!

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