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Asus Zenfone Max Plus M1 – The Battery King

Today, Jan 14, the Asus family of Zenfones grows by 1… by M1 to be exact. As their first 18:9 Full View market offering, the Asus Zenfone Max Plus M1 opens the year with an amazing set of features at the very enticing price of only Php 11,995.

There are four key features within this smartphone package that’s sure to grab the attention of any, and all, types of consumers:

The Battery – a Zenfone won’t be a Max if it doesn’t have juice over 4000mAh and this one comes with 4130. That translates to 26 days standby time / 26 hours of talk time / over 10 hours of streaming / and a full day of mobile data without having to pull out another power bank to refresh it.

Face Unlock Technology – previously available to only the higher end phones, the Zenfone Max Plus M1 features the very same technology for security and unlocking flexibility coupled with the fingerprint reader at the rear.

Full View Display – as I had stated earlier, the Zenfone Max Plus is Asus first 18:9 Aspect Ratio FHD+ device and it’s great for multimedia consumption in all forms including gaming – assisted by an improved game genie that has full screen and locking toggles

Finally, the 16MP / 8MP Dual Rear Camera Combo – which features a standard 35mm field of view and a 16.7mm equivalent shifting with a mere touch of a button providing 200% coverage when compared to the standard. The front facing camera is also nothing to scoff at being an 8MP f2.0 shooter in its own right.

Asus’ limited initial offering comes with freebies that amount to almost Php 8,000 distributed amongst accessories to further enrich the experience with the device. It’s an amazing start of the year for the brand and we’re looking forward to some hands-on time with the unit if we’re able to take one home… the units are selling like hotcakes after all and there’s plenty of demand for such a full featured product.


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