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The Great Distraction

Its the Lenten season once again, a time when everyone gets to relax and take time off from the business of everyday work and whatnot. Usually we go to the province to get some fresh air and local flavor and that’s where we are once again. This post is a tribute to my 3.5 year old Playstation Portable and as a sort of response to news that Japan had stopped the production of PSP Go’s, presumably in preparation for its NGP successor.

For such a length of time, this device is not without its quirks, all in all however it still serves to reduce a lot of my idle time into semi-productive ones through games. Be it in transit or just at home, it never fails to give me something to do whenever I don’t feel like working or moving about.

Due to the popularity of consoles (PS3, XBox, Wii) right now, development for games for this aged portable device had been steadily declining for the global market (Japan is still consistently coming out with sequential releases), however there was recently a flux of great titles that made me pick it up once more. The displayed game: Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Duodecim had come out along with GE Burst, Monster Hunter Tri and Parasite Eve The Third Birthday, these titles cater to strategy games enthusiasts and title followers. Some of these have gameplay that make it virtually unending in nature thus extending the time with which the player spends with the machine. Time well bade for the upcoming NGP release in about 8 months or so… who knows, maybe some more titles could come out prior to that; a good example is the complete FF IV game.

The PSP is a testament to the persistence of great design, through a lot of updates and a few iterations (Slim and Go), the device was able to span almost half a decade with virtually no competition. And while the hype is on the iPad and its many Android counterparts right now, I am still on the side of established gaming technologies and a full-screen gaming experience, one without fingers or swipes constantly getting in the way of good graphics.

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