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WD Caviar Green 3TB with 64Mb Cache

As far as desktop internal storage goes, a terrabyte or two might be considered the norm… sometimes even less. However, there is this computing paradigm where more is considerably better, especially when storage is concerned.

DSC_0297When I came in from work a while ago, there was this package on my desk which looked all too much like a 3.5 inch desktop hard drive. It was a Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB unit from my friend Julz at Think Big Events, sent over for review and scrutiny. It’s actually disheartening to think that all of my data and files, the entirety of them, can be relocated into this singular module, although if you think about it, if I’d include all my raw files it might spill over, I kid you not.

Okay enough about my files haha.

The Caviar Green stands between the Blue and the Black but provides the greatest storage capacity among the three products from WD. This particular model, and it would seem like most models from WD, runs using Intellipower which sort of manages the current and spin as required for stable operation. Inside it also has a 64Mb cache, a buffer zone allowing for quick data access for files currently or consistently in use; further in this drive uses 4 – 750GB plates but let’s be honest, half of us wouldn’t even get to see the innards of this beast… it’s just good information.

The best use for it really is a secondary storage… a slave if you may; that or a completely independent external device. It would seem that trying to run a 32bit operating system on it wouldn’t work but if you’re going for 64bit then by all means.

DriveCapacityTableJust imagine not having to delete any of the high resolution photos you took with your DSLR when you were having the time of your life, or being able to archive HD videos of you and your family and friends on a crazy adventure. Today’s digital lifestyle cannot be complete without some form of massive storage system about you, and what better way to do that than with something which runs on low power and high stability. It isn’t called ‘Green’ for nothing after all.

All this storage space available for a retail price of 11k pesos only. Grab yours today, especially if you’re a fan of redundancy and you keep most files for sentimental value even. Have fun!!!

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