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The Relentless March of Ultrabooks

Apparently the local ultrabook scene isn’t as scarce as I first thought it to be. What follows are three more which belong to the category:

Samsung Series 5 – this is the newest of the three which rivals the Samsung Series 9 in dimensions. Interestingly enough, its price point for the i5 version displaces the Acer Aspire S3 base model as the most affordable of all current players in the ultrabook class tempting everyone at its 45,000 price. Their displays are fairly new at retail shops and more often than not they are presented via acrylic clamp holding on to one side of its keyboard area having the illusion of it floating. One of its most unique features is that it carries a hard drive instead of the SSD which most ultrabook designs have so storage aint gonna be a problem with this one.


HP Folio 13 – the aesthetics of this particular ultrabook are derived from their earlier dv line (entertainment). It is unique in the sense that it does not try to compete with the other ultrabooks in terms of thinness. Folded down it resembles a thin full page book with the sides flushed to each other. Retailing for around 56,000 it is up there with the Zenbooks vying for your hard earned currency.


Fujitsu SH771 – now this is quite the find, I almost passed it by had I not read the labels within its proximity. Fujitsu comes out with a real competitor with this one: Ports as plentiful as a regular sized notebook and an irregular trackpad with a small circular scrollpad beside it (which apparently is present in many Fujitsu models. It also has a switchable module at the right side which could hold a PICO projector and that is something else entirely. This one takes over as the most expensive ultrabook even besting the earlier reported Toshiba offering at a few coins shy of 80,000 pesos for the i5 version.


So if you’re out right around these days looking for an ultrabook, know that there is more than the Zenbook and the Aspire S3 out there.

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