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The Panasonic LX100 in extensive circulation!

I had been on the lookout for it… Sure, the Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) had been in stores (only one official store actually) since before Christmas, but its twin had yet to grace display shelves with its presence.


And so the year turned and it was nowhere to be found or at least that was what I had thought. I don’t know how I missed it but Henry’s (local retailer resource almost synonymous to cameras) had already posted about the LX100 more than a week ago.


True to the promise that was given during the DPP festival – it is being distributed with apparent regularity as during my rounds earlier last night I was able to see one for myself (almost considered taking one home too) and not just the black model but the silver one with brown accents along with the larger Panasonic camcorders!


Currently priced at 45,990Php it carries an additional 100USD over its international price tag… Not too bad all things considered; and if the widely popular LX7 is any indication, this model will stand for two years before getting an update… That’s better than any phone’s future proofing if you ask me.

Why this is on my radar is due to the fact that, for the micro four thirds system, the equivalent zoom lens costs roughly the same. And if you were going to a shoot with these particular focal lengths, you’re bound to stick it onto one of the bodies anyway! So with a compact like this one you get the focal lengths, the brightness, ease of operation, and one sleek looking piece of gear to boot! Not to mention the capacity to shoot 4k video (though this is only really useful if you also have a monitor able to display the 4k stream).

For now we opted out, though some inquiry just might push us to go the Leica route. And while this would’ve been an excellent companion to our upcoming flight out, we still do have two micro four thirds bodies to play with.

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