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The OM-D E-M1 – A Sneak Peek into Olympus’ Foray to Pro Level m4/3 Offering

A couple of days ago, a video Engadget had put up showcased this particular model which many of the micro four thirds enthusiasts and pros are looking forward to:


The E-M1 had been announced but how it would actually look like was left to the imagination until this leak had sprung out. Engadget, from which the video came out, were quick to take it down literally probably just minutes from it going up but not without the video being taken down and redistributed.

New features from this camera are:

A hybrid mount which accepts both m4/3 and 4/3 lenses with accompaniment AF systems for both (as well as a new shape for the lens release button).


Enhanced EVF, extended grip, more function buttons, exposure/focus lock, drive mode, HDR dedicated buttons. There should also be no AA filter which would allow for greater sharpness especially for macro photography.


Apart from these, there is also the built in WiFi feature that allows for camera control and image review on a wirelessly connected device (iPad shown primarily).

OMDEM1_03 While it is indeed a fantastic update to the E-M5 I find that it might still be lacking in some aspects that would make it into a great pro system such as the audio jack and native wireless triggering (unless one of those circular things near the lens is actually an IR receiver). What I’d be more interested in would be an improved battery lifetime on its lonesome without a grip and extended batteries… imagine a full days worth of shooting without powering down the unit… now that’d be an improvement.

Without an improved sensor and slots I’ll more than likely stick with my E-M5; it would seem that the market this new unit is going for would be users of the older four thirds system… currently pegged at the 1,500USD mark with an indefinite release made much more mysterious by the sudden takedown of Engadget’s scoop.

All images derived from the leaked video from Engadget’s interview with an Olympus rep.

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