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Strix Unleashed – Asus and PC Express One Day Sale Roundup

Last Saturday at the SM North Edsa Skydome, there had been a free-for-all one day sale event mounted by Asus and PC Express. Most of what they had on sale were marked down by 30% while a select few had gone down much further.

They also had select ROG (Republic Of Gamers) units on never before available installments going up to as long as 24 months without interest. Another cool bonus that day was a bundled PS4 unit should you purchase one of their discounted ROG units.

Enveloped within the event, Asus had announced the imminent arrival of two special edition ROG units which are souped up versions of Strix GL503 and GL703 in the form of Hero and Scar for the MOBA and FPS gamers out there.

The Hero edition delivers incredible color accuracy while the Scar edition favors response time with configurations scaling up to a GTX 1070 for the latter. There was an even higher spec’d Scar that carries another world’s first, this time in the form of a laptop display capable of a staggering 144Hz refresh rate.

Here’s the rundown of the prices for the regular and special editions of the GL503 and GL703:

GL503 i5-7300HQ GTX1050 starts at Php59,995
GL703 i7-7700HQ GTX1050 starts at Php69,995
GL703 i7-7700HQ GTX1060 starts at Php99,995
SCAR/HERO i7-7700HQ GTX1050 starts at Php74,995
SCAR/HERO i7-7700HQ GTX1060 starts at Php104,995
SCAR 144Hz i7-7700HQ GTX1070 16GB 1TB+256SSD Php129,995

Asus also let everyone in on an exclusive service for ROG and FX line laptop owners: dubbed Premium Care, this service provides maintenance as long as the unit is within the two year warranty that is made certain by purchasing the unit from authorized dealers for Asus notebooks.

Premium care allows your unit to undergo the following nine step procedure:

Step 1: Over-All System Diagnosis
Step 2: Thermal Compound Re-pasting
Step 3: Fan / Air Vent cleaning
Step 4: Memory “golden pins” cleaning
Step 5: Keyboard Cleaning
Step 6: Cosmetics Part Cleaning
Step 7: LCD Cleaning
Step 8: Recommendations
Step 9: Final Over-All System Check-Up

to make sure that the unit is in tip top shape when it gets returned to the owner. It’s the only one of its kind in the Philippines – seriously, all after sales should be modeled after this!

In the afternoon, as part of the program that had been prepared for the event, a two-part auction was held for around six laptops and boy was I in for a surprise… at the end of the first set, the auctioneer put up a Transformer 3 Pro on the auction block. I had the pleasure of using the device earlier on while we were at Batanes for the Zenfone 3 and I had fantastic impressions on it. Especially important for me was the ability to use an Asus Pen with it – an active stylus with 1024 sensitivity levels… and I have loved the idea of being able to sketch on screen on my mind for a very VERY long time. Long story short, this particular unit ended up with me for a considerable amount of reduction from its retail tag. Other key items that came up for auction were a Vivobook Flip, a Zenbook, and even an ROG unit that retails for Php110k

Apart from the plethora of purchasing options that were made available to visitors that day, there was also an ongoing Tekken 7 tournament on the side (which also featured a Vivobook Flip as the grand prize), an Omega experience booth where you can try out VR games, as well as some refreshments making sure you don’t need to go out of your way to find some if you ever need em.

It was an amazing one day event and a lot more Asus laptops had been deployed to the hands of very discerning users and while we can wish there could be more of these in the future, while it is not impossible, it’s going to be quite a while before they come up again so better be vigilant, especially with the incoming holiday season, for the hottest deals.

An overwhelming success once again for Asus and PC Express as its retail partner for this run. Kudos guys!


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