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Sony BRAVIA A8F Series – Perfect for the Modern Home

Set at the prestigious Conrad Manila ballroom, Sony Philippines had unveiled their newest 4K TV and the company’s foray into OLED technology for their displays after the very successful A1.

The Sony Bravia OLED A8F series launches today along with some LED siblings in the X9000F, X8500F, X8300F, X7500F, and the X7007F series. They also showcased their 2K lineup that follows the digital TV trend, has fantastic contrast through HDR, and has X-Protection against any accidental surges.

It had been revealed that there has been a noticeable decline on the purchasing trend for smaller flat screens (32-inches and below). In the Philippines, 4K UHD TV purchasing sales have skyrocketed within the last five years. Sony’s A8F 4K HDR OLED TV Series is equipped with the X1 Extreme chip that processes content into HD content suitable for the 4K display. The proprietary Acoustic Surface Technology replicates a movie theater feel by placing actuators behind the screen so that sound comes from behind the image itself – you can really feel the screen vibrating when sound is being produced. Sony focuses on three main aspects with the launch of the A8F:

Design (1) – the A8F series and the premium lineup adopts the “Soft Minimalism” concept, by having soft edges, layering of the components for the least profile possible, and stands that boast style and functionality allowing for sound bars to be integrated into the space right under the screen.

Picture and Sound (2) – Dolby Vision is incorporated into select series and the X1 processor is now found in the entirety of the premium lineup. Acoustic Surface Technology presents viewers with “the greatest sound you’ve never seen” and they mean this quite literally allowing you to feel the sound through its projection thru the display panel

User Experience (3) – using Android TV with a Sony overlay which has excellent efficiency, users would not have any problems streaming and casting from devices fully integrating the TV into the living space. Multiple profiles can be saved into the TV as well so settings can be individualized for a number of users.

Key features of the A8F and the premium series X1 Extreme processors inside, Acoustic Surface technology for that wonderful targeted audio, and X-Motion Clarity that takes care of motion blur that is especially noticable with 4K televisions.

The A8F will be available in 55” and 65” – watch this space for their prices when made available. In the meantime, here’s a recap of the event in video goodness:


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