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Samsung Series 5 535U3C-A01 / A02 – The Ultrabook Comes Full Circle

It isn’t too long ago when Intel’s “Ultrabooks” gone into market. When it came out, prices were way up there at the pinnacle of the mobile computing pyramid. With this particular offering from Samsung however, the thin and stylish form factor has truly become the norm through its 30k price tag.


Available in two colors specifically targeted to audience of either gender and already inclusive of a Windows installation, never before has the likes of this series 5 ultrabook gone down to this low a price tag. It makes the decision pretty simple for those looking to get a hold of a new computer especially one with just the right capacity to do most, if not all, computing jobs and then some more.


The incorporation of an AMD APU at the core of this machine probably allowed it to go to this price; At 2.1Ghz, the A6-4455M with integrated Radeon 7500G sits complemented by 4 Gigs of RAM and 500GB storage in a sleek 13.3″ setup. As you can see from the photo, a similar machine with the Intel Core costs significantly higher. If I were to be asked now which computer to get, I’d have this among the top choices most definitely, so if you’re shopping for one these days make sure to include this in your canvas.

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