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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 7.0 Setting the Price Bar Low


Through my usual rounds, I saw these Galaxy Tab 2s practically everywhere. Normally you would think that a products second generation would be more powerful and with updated features however that is not the case for these tablets.

The ones on sale now are either black or white, featuring a 7 inch screen with a resolution just like its predecessor 1024×600 on a PLS screen (its like an older IPS technology). Models can be wifi only (P3110) or full gsm (P3100) and in configurations of 8,16, or 32gb. What sets it apart from the current flock of devices is its price. At a staggering 11600 from most distributors… and this is mall price already and is ‘high’ in terms of conversion.

Now that is not to discourage you from going after the true upgrades from the original which is the 7+ for this series because with this lower price tag comes a little bit of tradeoff especially in the optics department. This particular model carries only a 3.15Mp camera as its primary and a VGA front facing one. It also has a dual core processor clocked at 1Ghz with PowerVR graphics, both technologies already surpasses in current top standards.

Apart from these and Android 4.0 ICS out of the box, there really isn’t much difference in connectivity options and capability so looking for a tablet right now if you don’t have one yet can be very very fun. Of course you can opt to wait for the appearance of the Nexus 7 from Google and Asus but who knows when that might be right?!

Let me be the first to welcome you into the world of tablet computing should you decide to get yourself one; At its current positioning I’d say its set to take the market by storm… remember, this is a phone/tablet… less than 12k pesos and by Samsung nonetheless. So if you’re on a budget, remember to look for the galaxy tab 2, 7 inch version, that should be a good enough description to catch a great deal.

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