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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Impressions

The premiere pen-enabled Android phone from Samsung the Galaxy Note 8 has been launched yesterday and we have had some time with it with the help of Abe of Yugatech and Raffy of TechPatrol during the PayPal summit at The Peninsula.

This 6.3″ infinity display phone has a cinematic aspect of 2.06:1 – its tall and you’d definitely not feel that its unwieldy.

One of the primary features of this display aspect is the ability to run two apps simultaneously one on top of the other or side-by-side when in landscape – the aspect ratio lends very well to this feature as both apps run on a square section and its sufficient enough to be usable.

It boasts of dual optically stabilized cameras at the back and can shoot wide and zoom simultaneously.

The enhanced S-Pen remains all sorts of amazing and it can even record a short clip of your handwriting for a personalized message.

It’s a genuinely refreshing experience to hold and use and every detail around the device communicates premium.

It is currently available for pre-order at a mildly surprising Php 49,990 price point.

The battle for this phablet level space has officially begun.

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