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Plibe Plasma Ion Air Cleaner – Magnus’ Latest Guardian

Magnus’ little companion in the photo is the Plibe Plasma Ion Air Cleaner from IM Healthcare Co Ltd in Korea. It’s a step beyond the Negative Ion Emitters that had become really popular as an additional layer of safety especially during this age of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It retails for around Php 4,500 and is specifically marketed for children as is implied by its silicone attachment that lets it stand on your desk… but we know mostly it’s so that the bright red color is appealing to the kid.

The package comes with a clip, a cleaning brush, a fine dust filter, and a microUSB cable. When we got ours, there was no charge on the Plibe so we connected it to a ready microUSB around and was full in no time at all. The documentation says that it can operate for 6 hours with the internal battery and can also run while it is being charged which basically means you can keep the air around your child safe for an extended period of time.

Operating the device is super simple with a single button that only requires one press to turn the Plibe on and another to turn it off. This is great as we were able to teach Magnus how to do it on his own… no complicated long presses here.

The fine dust filter is rated for around two months then you have to replace it as it isn’t something you can clean or run water on – this is different from the default product mounted dust filter that you can clean and reuse. It is recommended to use the cleaning brush every 2 or 4 weeks on the dust filter.

The clip has just the right amount of teeth to be effective in clasping and keeping itself held on to wide straps or pieces of cloth like the hood of a stroller or its sides. Regular activity did not dislodge the Plibe from Magnus’ body bag while we were shooting the set and I have personally brought it with me outside during a site meeting that required a significant amount of moving about and traversing debris and it kept itself mounted to my cross body throughout that as well.

The operating light is very visible and it shines a bright blue to let you know that the air is being purified around the user. Plibe releases cations and anions at the ratio of 2 million per 1CC of air and has multiple certifications touting the elimination of multiple types of airborne virus – including the dreaded Covid-19.

Think of Plibe as the first line of defense against infection from foreign spaces that may be harboring invisible contaminants. It joins our Aller and numerous wands and UV emitters in our continuing effort to keep the spaces around us safe and always available for Magnus’ inquisitive and playful mind. We got ours from The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub but as with almost everything, you can also get this from Shopee and just wait for it to arrive at your doorstep… demand is high so most of the offerings right now are on a pre-order status.

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