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Neo Edge Omnipad

Ive been seeing this particular tablet on the PC Corner shelf from last week. It sports an Nvidia Tegra Dual Core chip which is the fastest among any of its peers out now.

At a very affordable price point of 16-17k in some retailers, its very competitive and certainly the best value for money you can find. The fast processor combined with enhanced graphic capabilities and multiple connectivity options make this a no-brainer to some. Concerns that come to potential purchasers include weight, heat management, battery life and upgradeability / manufacturer support.

Its reported to be a rebranded Mobii Tegra tablet, video review below:

I’m actually considering it ATM.

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  • i have one. android 2.2 is still buggy. the keyboard won’t appear when you want to comment on a link you want to share in facebook. you can’t access google’s android market. i hope the updates will fix the bugs. good thing there is, a market alternative with 5k downloadable applications. overall it’s a nice internet device. skype works & love the live wallpapers!

    • Try and read about or look at videos of ‘Mobii Point of View’ and ‘Advent Vega’ online. If you have the time, you’ll find out soon enough that it is possible to put market on it and a host of other optimizations will have your Omnipad running smoothly.

      Have fun!

  • Now, most of android tablets has been upgraded with android 2.3 or even 3.0. Many bugs were fixed and user experience was improved drastically.

    Nvidia Tegra, while at first comes with incomparable graphic performance, is now has many competitor, though.