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MeMO Pad 7 ME70CX (K01A)

The mobile landscape for 7" devices has grown dramatically during the past couple of years and as it continues to do so, more and more affordable choices have come out bringing technology that much closer to everyone. Asus’ MeMO Pad’s latest iteration manages a mix of technologies to bring about a user experience so responsive and complete one is bound to take notice.

ME70CX_00 It is powered by an Intel Z2520 quad core CPU clocked at 800-1.2GHz coupled with a PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU. Running Android 4.3 with ZenUI it presents astonishing responsiveness and usability right out of the box from its pre-installed system apps…

ME70CX_06This minimizes the need to get more productivity apps leading to better storage management. It has both the Audiowizard and Splendid for full customization and tweaks for even the most discerning of users


The screen has a resolution of 1024×600 (160dpi) and is 7" diagonal albeit taller than the one on the Nexus 2012. As a media consumption device this simply is amazing, it played even a 60p FullHD clip with no problems using just the system player, no need for third party apps to do it. Because of the screen dimensions however, it generates black bars to display media depending on the clip resolution. Speakers are situated at the top of the device and while they do produce sufficient volume, the placement prompts the use of headphones for better stereo output and overall experience.


Two cameras come with the device, very basic ones – 0.3MP up front and 2MP at the rear. The camera app is a toned down version of the ones that come with the Zenfones and is able to capture 720p video should you will it to.

ME70CX_07There is a microSD card out back and the app settings show a category for "movable" items, a feature that I had thought was already lost on newer Android builds.. this is very welcome especially for this device with its 8GB internal memory.


Antutu gave it 18192 points overall which seems pretty decent and thoroughly sufficient for casual games. There is a bit of heat that is generated on the upper back portion of the device during heavy use but nothing excessive.

It lasts the day with average usage and while I havent used this device for my daily driver it should be able to replace my two year old Nexus for most of what I use it for, even navigation! While I personally would prefer a higher resolution on my devices, the combination that Asus went for with this model allowed them to come up with a definite contender in the entry level market with power, stability, and longevity in tow.


At 4,000Php, all the functionality you’d require from a tablet can be had and should you require telephony all one would want to do is look to the Fonepad.

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