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Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter – Freedom Through Bluetooth Audio

So what’s better than a fine sounding speaker system? One that has a hat trick up its sleeve, and by hat trick I mean a real cool wireless implement.

_1080034 I’ve reported about this here in the past but this time, when I found it in stock, I wasn’t going to let it rot away in some storage again. It took me quite a while to find some of it in circulation but in case you’re interested, I got mine at TCA Megamall.

At the cost of 1,815Php and one convenience outlet, it gives you the ability to convert any speaker system into a bluetooth enabled one; If my speakers were black then it wouldnt feel alien at all. It is a simple box that measures 3 1/4” x 3 1/4” x 1 1/8” with one physical “connect” button, an LED indicator and RCA + 3.5mm jack ports for output. Within the package there is also its power adapter and an RCA-3.5mm Y-cable.

_1080036 The indicator turns red when nothing is connected to it, blinks green when it is free from any connection and is waiting for pairing which can be triggered by pressing on the “connect” button, and turns a steady green whenever a connection is active.

When I didnt have it yet, I needed an extension cable to allow sounds from my laptop to be heard on my speakers but now… all I need to do is pair it and enjoy unencumbered streams of sounds. Not to mention from my phone or any of my tablets without the need to pull out the connection and keep myself and the device within the length of the cable. As far as range goes, Ive tested it only from the entrance of the shop to its end where the testing was going on, that is way beyond the size of the room it is placed in currently.

This technology is not as flawless as a direct connection though as when streaming sounds from video, whether it be from a mobile or the computer, there is a tiny delay in the sound output – about a fourth/third of a second as I perceive it.  It isn’t enough to sway me from the comfort of losing wires that would otherwise need to be occasionally tidied up. Space, after all, is quite a premium nowadays and the less visible clutter the better.

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