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LG Optimus ME P350

This month (March), LG is holding some sort of ‘blow-out’ for potential customers. Their flyers are everywhere especially in concept stores; it features their full line of mobile products including their latest addition to the Optimus line.

The Optimus ME is very much like most entry level smartphones in the market today but the released specifications are lacking (shrouded in secrecy) for the most part.

Even the actual screen size is undisclosed but seeing as it is small, it can either be a 2.8 or 3.2 inch capacitive variant.

Powered by Froyo (Android 2.2), this smartphone may just challenge all other entry level devices out in the market today seeing as its more powerful predecessors (Optimus and Optimus One) already lie within the 12-13k range.

Although already advertised, the concept store representative was not able to give me an estimate of the retail price. If this phone comes out at say 6-8k it would be highly sought out and would most likely be off the shelves as soon as they hit it.

Could it be the first Android powered device to break the 10k threshold here in the country? I hope so! That will set a whole new precedent for the market value of next generation entry level smartphones.

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