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HP Compaq 430

The second generation Intel Core equipped laptops are slowly trickling into commercial availability here in the country. This specific HP model caught my eye just tonight, I found it at Gigahertz and it didn’t even have its own price and tag as of display.


While it supposedly carries the name Compaq in other nomenclatures, the body in itself does not have any markings bearing that name, instead it carries the HP logo at the lid. The body looks to be some form of plastic matte which wont be prone to smudges and the keyboard is like a hybrid of the chiclet type and the anti-dust type which leaves very little space for any dust to come through and the layout is similar to their DM and DV series. There is very little difference leave for some of the indicator lights that were removed like the one for disabling the trackpad. I found the design to be quite sleek and effective, solid lines and subtle curves plus matte textures all around make it almost monolithic if not for the deliniation by the color.

Here are the published specifications as per the flyer that they gave to me: Intel Core i3 2310M clocked at 2.1GHz, 2GB PC1066 RAM, 500GB of storage, 14” LED screen, Intel HD Graphics, DVDRW-Multi Optical Drive, Wireless and Bluetooth.

They were willing to let go of it for Php26,500 if cash (and probably straight), and is priced regularly at Php28,990.

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