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HONOR X9a 5G – Redefining the Everyday Carry Mobile

The HONOR X9a 5G is a truly refreshing take on an elevated offering for the more budget conscious consumers bringing with it a very well curated set of features that would make it truly stand out in today’s smartphone market.

The device will be available in the 8/256GB combination paired with a Snapdragon 695. The screen is one of the highlights of this device sporting a 6.67″ Curved OLED that samples at 300Hz, refreshes up to 120Hz achieves max brightness at 800 nits and has 1920Hz PWM Dimming (this means that you can take photos/videos of the phone without those black bars that become visible due to refresh rate). The HONOR X9a 5G also comes with an in-screen fingerprint unlock, another feature you’d normally find in more premium offerings.

A tour around the Honor X9a 5G can be found along with some gameplay footage and my review here:

The cameras on the device can be considered as the second most apparent feature as you won’t mistake it because of the way it has been implemented on here. Starting with the punch hole front camera which has a generous and fairly sharp 16MP on the rear of the device, arranged and encased within a ring that occupies around 70% of the phone width, are the 64MP “ultra-clear” main shooter, a 5MP wide angle camera, a 2MP macro camera, as well as a flash unit featured on its four major indexes.

The cameras perform well within expectations for something in this category. The camera app is robust in a sense that there even exists a multi-video mode that allows for simultaneous shooting among several combinations of the available cameras. PRO mode is also available, time lapse, super macro, aperture, portrait, night, high red, all of these straight out of the box.

I was able to test the HONOR X9a 5G on the beach in a regular outing scenario and the photos and videos that came out of it have well resolved details and color. I do notice a fair bit of color fringing and for videos I highly recommend taking things with fixed exposure especially during heavy lighting scenarios. The software is incredibly snappy and as such would be metering and shifting between exposure settings throughout the footage – on another test however, the metering was not as aggressive and gradually makes the transition, of course the contrast difference was not as dramatic then. Here is the camera module field demonstration:

The multi-video mode is a heck of a lot of fun and the picture in picture can be configured to mimic something like a livestream where you can see the speaker as well as the topic that he/she is talking about. Here is a sample of that in action:

Of course let’s not forget to talk about the most hyped feature of the HONOR X9a 5G which is its unbelievable durability with nary a scratch from falls of heights even beyond the 1.5m advised threshold. It even withstood concentrated weight from a car!

This initial salvo from HONOR Philippines is something that the market had been pining for for quite a while now. It has the appeal to show even the most skeptic of us all, just what the present smartphone landscape had been missing all this time – an all-rounder that is, quite literally, as tough as nails! Catch the #HONORX9a5G as it lands on shelves tomorrow, Feb 4 at two major SM locations in the metro!


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