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Get Over Power Woes with Anker at Shopee

Ever had that experience where you’re out and about then suddenly you find yourself overworking your device and draining it faster than usual? I recently had this happen to me during our trip to Avilon. I had to use the gimbal as a power bank which in turn drained that device instead. Anker has been an industry leader in the “portable power” realm and continues to do so with off the charts reliability so you won’t need to even think about it as long as you have an Anker product on you. Here’s a few of them to boot:

The Anker PowerPort III Nano 20W is among the smallest all around USB-C slotted wall chargers around. You bring it with you anywhere because its just that tiny. I you have the time and a wall socket available to you, then you can just consider your phone juiced up. It’s a perfect companion to today’s flagship devices which no longer ship with a charger.

The Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 18W PD Charger has both USB-A and USB-C ports out for maximum compatibility with devices. Using the PD USB-C port allows for topping up of mobiles almost as quick as you would on a wall socket making sure you’re ready and off the wired connection within a matter of minutes – 50% in 30 minutes on an iPhone 11 Pro is definitely something to appreciate especially in heavy use instances during the day. 20,000mAh is plenty enough to share and that’s the beauty of bringing one around with you – even your friends would be appreciative of it.

The Anker Powercore III Elite 19200mAh 60W carries enough charge on it to completely top up a MacBook Air. It has all the regular functions of a powerbank with the ability to charge three devices at once, two on USB-A and another on USB-C.

I find that this one applies to me best as I have a laptop that is powered via USB-C. Never again will I flinch at the thought of it suddenly hibernating during a presentation with the Powercore III Elite around.

That’s just scratching the surface with what Anker has on offer. Check out their online store over at Shopee and get your Anker product with the utmost convenience getting it delivered right to your doorstep.

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